Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Story: The Serpent's Demise

Story. After tricking Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, the Serpent was filled with satisfaction. Yet, when God realized that the Serpent was involved, the Serpent was bitter. He felt that God was unfair. God immediately punished the Serpent without questioning him. After his punishment, the Serpent madly slithered off into a forested area.

The Serpent talks to himself, “How dare He? Why did he give me no justice? All I did was persuade Eve with words. Eve did all the work.”

Then, he hears rustling leaves. A female snake appears. She looked gorgeous with her contrast of dark and bright colors. The Serpent says, “What are you doing here?”

The female snake replies, “Can I not explore? This land is free to roam.”

The Serpent powerfully replies, “Not here, where I am.”

The female snake starts to leave, but the Serpent stops her. He says, “I permit you to stay. What are you called?”

The female snake replies, “I am called snake.” While talking to her, the Serpent creates his plan to overcome Adam and Eve. He plans to make her become his. He needs to create an army that will strike at Adam and Eve altogether to decrease the amount of their survival.

As the night goes on, he has her over his control. He cunningly sweet talks her, despite her not knowing who he is. The night ends successfully according to the Serpent’s plan.

Morning arises, and the Serpent slithers around on his belly with annoyance. The Serpent complains, “If only I had my feet, would I move around faster.”

The female snake hears and becomes puzzled. She questions him, “We have always been without legs, but why do you say so?”

The Serpent then tells her of his plan. The female serpent responds, “I’ve heard stories about you. No wonder I did not see you present while all animals looked upon Adam and Eve according to the Lord’s command. How could you deceive me?”

The Serpent disregards her words and continues on with his plan, forcing her to cooperate with him. Since the Serpent did not answer her question, the female serpent ran away. The Serpent turns around and sees Adam and Eve far off in the land, close to the west gate near the Garden of Eden. He watches their every move for a while. Although he made his plan, he did not want to waste an opportunity. He could not wait seven years without trying to accomplish goal at least once. When he sees that they are truly alone, he rushes to his closet target, Eve. As he chases after the wailing Eve's legs, Adams pleads to God. Adam says, “O, God, the Serpent has returned. Please help us from his scaly grasp.”

God pitied him and sent angels to their aid. An angel cast a bright light upon the snake. The snake is stunned, and the angel put him in a box. The other angel helps Adam and Eve stand up. After reviewing with Adam and Eve that their covenant has not expired, God punishes the Serpent once again.

God decrees, “You have harmed my man and woman once again. Since you have not repented, I will make you become dumb and you will lose your power of speech.”

The serpent yells out, “Though I have lost my speech and intelligence, there are others who will take my place. The seeds I have sown will...” In mid-sentence, God used his power to make him dumb and lose his power of speech. He was afraid that Adam and Eve would fret of what will come.

God told the angel to release the Serpent, and the angel holding the Serpent threw him to the other end of the world.

Adam and Eve express their concern to God, but God reassures them. He says, “I will resurrect you like the many times I have already done. Do not fret, as I am always watching over you.”

The female snake returns to the forested area where she met the Serpent, but does not see him. She waits a few more days, but he still does not come. In seven years, her litter will surely appear. She worries and hopes that the evilness of their father will not be inherited to her children.

(A forested area by Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot: Wiki Commons)

Author’s Note. Since most of the Adam and Eve Unit is focused on Adam, God, and Eve, I decided to write a story about the Serpent. I created a twist and went in-depth of a scene that was briefly mentioned. In summary, the unit discusses the creation of Adam and Eve, and how they live before and after being punished to the world. Throughout the story, many side characters come in to play, the flaming sword, the Serpent, the angels, and animals. In the Garden of Eden, Adam lived happily. However, after Eve was tricked into eating from the forbidden tree by the Serpent, she gave it to others to eat as well. After they behaved differently, such as, being ashamed of going before God naked, God realized what they did and punished them to Earth. Additionally, the unit provides information of how sorrowful Adam and Eve were after banishment, but they were not able to return and be with God because of the promise. God promised that he would get them after approximately 5,500 years. My story is set during the days after their banishment to the world.

Bibliography. Adam and Eve from Genesis, by Louis Ginzberg, and by Rutherford H. Platt, Jr., link to the reading online.


  1. Stephanie,

    This was an fun twist to put on a story that has been retold in so many others ways yet you were still able to make it refreshing! By changing the main characters to the serpent a new outlook was provided. Also as a person who knew the story very well coming into it, your author's note did a really good job of clearing up any open holes the retelling might have left if the reader was unfamiliar.

    Thanks for the great read!

  2. Stephanie,
    I like how you focused on something that isn’t usually considered the main character. Honestly, I haven’t heard too much about the serpent so it is very interesting to read this story that is about it! What an angry little dude. I wonder what does happen to these talking serpents. As Belle said, the author’s note was very helpful. There were some things that I missed but after reading the author’s note, I was able to figure it out. Overall, really great story and twist!

  3. Stephanie,

    I enjoyed your story of the serpent. I would suggest going back though and checking that you capitalized God and He within the story. I like that you brought in another serpent, just to add an additional character. I didn't understand the point of him wishing that he has his feet. I don't know if there is some content to this quote that I am missing, but I think maybe you should elaborate a bit on that.
    I would try to create some more imagery as well in this story and/or your next story.