Thursday, August 25, 2016

Storybook Favorites

Story One. The topic for the first storybook I chose was about ghostly adventures and the haunted places located in Oklahoma. The paranormal is an interesting and scary topic. The title, Ghostly Adventures, was very straightforward. It let me know what the storybook will be about.

The introduction mentions all of the stories that the author will be discussing. I knew of one stories, but I did not know about the others. There was some creative style from the author, in the sense that it felt like the author was a tour guide. The layout and design of the web page suits the topic due to its dark color. The layout creates a sense of mysteriousness and creepiness. The navigation on the left is very useful. I may put the navigation bar on the left on my future project.

Story Two. The topic for the second storybook was very interesting and new to me. The title, My Brothers Grimm, did a good job of telling what the story will be about. It started with just a picture on the first page, but clicking on the next page gives the introduction. I like the name of the second page, “Setting the Record Straight.” It was very appropriate and creative. The introduction made me feel sorrow and wronged, just like her. I wanted to know more about what she would say.

The physical layout and font was an interesting choice. Standard fonts are usually what I would use. The color scheme was similar to the Ghostly Adventures page. It suited the topic. What I would take from this page is the change of font. Having a different font will make my storybook more interesting. However, having only a picture as the first thing newcomers see is not something I would use. I would prefer to have some words that accompany the picture.

Story Three. The third story is one that I do not know of as well. The title, Heroes Revealed, was an interesting choice. To me, the introduction was somewhat confusing. Throughout the introduction, it talked about the reader or me, who was a hero. Then, at the end of the introduction, it got to the main point, which is the title. The main point was that the author will take me on a journey to visit the different places of afterlife and those who inhabit it. Overall, it was very good, because it made me want to read more. The writing and inclusion of the reader was what propelled me to want to read more.

I would imagine that since the introduction talks to me after my death, the layout would be darker than the tan background. However, since the next pages discuss beautiful aspects of the afterlife, it was fitting that the background is bright. The thing I like about the physical layout was having the words and pictures on the horizontal line. It would be a good choice, but what I do not like about it is how cramped the words looked. Regarding the use of pictures, the pictures in the introduction was deceiving. It looked scary, but the upcoming pages showed none of that at all. I can see how the author used the pictures in the introduction and contrasted them with those in the next pages. Aside from this, I also liked the top banner. The previous two pages did not have one.

(The Ferryman from Heroes Revealed. Web Source.)

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