Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Favorite Place

Tulsa, Oklahoma is my favorite place so far. Although I have been on a few mini-vacations to California, Texas, and Minnesota throughout my life, I have not seen anything that caught my eye. Tulsa is home for me, since I was born there. Also, with the exception of living in Norman for college, it has been the only place that I have lived at. I am very familiar with how to get around where I live around town, and it is the place where many memories have occurred.  

 (Tulsa Skyline: Wikimedia Commons)

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  1. Tulsa is such a wonderful city, Stephanie: and it is so nice that you are able to go home to visit even while you are in school. There are always a few posts about Tulsa-as-favorite-place every semester in this class, and so many great pictures online to choose from, including its distinctive skyline like in the image you chose here. Super!