Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Thoughts on Growth Mindset

I have never heard of Growth Mindset before, but it makes sense. For me, it would be difficult to adjust to Growth Mindset. From watching the videos, I have more of a fixed mindset. I like to be good at things. What I believe demonstrates that is good results. If I am faced with a challenge, I get worried. I think, "Will I get it right? What if it turns out bad?" I feel that challenges get me out of my comfort zone, a place where I have control of things, and I do not like that. I like to be sure of my results. I believe that if I was taught Growth Mindset, it would be easier to embrace and overcome challenges. Growth Mindset is something that I am open to learn about.

(Growth Mindset Meme by Laura Gibbs. Web source.

My personal goals for learning this semester is getting good grades, and at least remembering something from my classes. There is so much information to cover, and it is difficult for me to remember everything. I am excited about all my classes, but there is one class that I am worried about. That class is my Capstone class. There are two goals in that class, which is finding my career path and finishing the capstone group project. I have no experience with any of these things. I am very unsure of my career path. Also, my capstone project concerns actually coming up with an idea that will work in real life. We have a client, and we have to come up with an idea to fulfill her needs. It is highly possible that our idea will be utilized in future years to come. However, with the help of the whole group, I believe that it will be successful.


  1. I totally understand your worries about finding out what you want to do after college and trying to find a job that suits you. I am in the same boat. I also have no idea where I want to live so that adds another element to the unknown! But, we will figure it out one way or another. I would love to have a growth mindset for more elements in my life. It is a really cool topic!

  2. I can relate to this quite a bit, because I feel like I’ve always had a fairly fixed mindset as well. I like to be good at things, which often means I like to do things I’m good at, and it’s just kind of a never-ending cycle. This summer, I tried to start stretching out of my comfort zone, but I don’t always follow through with that, so this class has been a nice reminder to keep working on that. I hope your capstone class has gone well!