Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Reading Notes: Adam and Eve, Part A

There were a few interesting things I came across when reading Adam and Eve Part A. First, what God gave Adam was mainly fruits to eat, not meat. This comes from The Fall section. If I were to write a story about this, I can go in depth and add dialogue of how Adam gathered food. Also, I would add how the angels gave him meat and wine to consume, despite him not being allowed to hunt meat. To add a twist, I can add how Adam longed to eat meat to the point where he almost killed an animal.

Second, another story I could write about is the flaming sword that protected the tree of life. I could write an account of a man’s journey went there. This would include some of the seven portals, as mentioned in the Paradise section. Although he would not be able to pass through several of them, each portal would be described. Additionally, I would add details of what I imagine the flaming sword looked like. If I wanted to add a twist to this story, I could add in the serpent who persuaded Eve to eat the fruit of the tree. I would say that the serpent, in some way, although losing his power of speech, persuaded the man to go through the portals and bring back something to return the serpent to glory again.

Third, from the section of Paradise, it says that all animals “feared the first couple, all of which changed into the opposite after the fall of man.” I can tell about the difference of attitude from the animals before and after the fall of the first couple. I will have dialogue primarily between the animals before, during, and after the fall, but there will also be some dialogue with Adam and the animals.

(The Creation of Adam by William Blake: Wiki Commons)

Bibliography. Adam and Eve from Genesis and by Louis Ginzberg, link to the reading online.

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