Saturday, September 3, 2016

Feedback Thoughts

All of these articles were very useful, but 5 Tips for Taking Feedback Like a Champ was the most useful article because it tells me what I should actually do. Although this article gives tips, the other articles provide me information to better understand these tips.

In Overcoming the Fear of Feedback, I would like to try the experiment of having triggers or cues. In this article, it gives an example of leaving running clothes next to your bed will trigger or cue you to run in the morning. It sounds reasonable, so I would like to try if it works. Also, it gives steps (cue, routine, reward) on creating your own feedback habit. I want to try it in order to do my best.

I gave feedback in class through peer reviewing my peers’ papers. Although I read it, I did not have much feedback to give. Perhaps, it is because I had little idea of what actually was correct. If I do not know what is good or not good, it will be difficult to let a person know how they are doing. Also, I did not want people to feel like I am criticizing their choices.

That is why I have a hard time receiving feedback. I feel like people are pointing out my mistakes, and therefore, it makes me look like I am dumb. That is how it translates to my mind. However, I do understand that they are helping me get better at writing. What I try to do at times like these is change the things I believe should be changed based on their feedback. Also, I have to look at things positively and remember that they want to help me improve.

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