Sunday, September 18, 2016

Feedback Focus: Three Methods

I did not like reading out loud. I had to re-read several sentences again so I can understand it. I was more focused on reading out loud than understanding what I read. However, reading out loud required me to not skip any details. As a result, I would have a good awareness of the story, and it would let me write some details comments about it. The biggest advantage to this is not skipping out on any details. The biggest disadvantage, to me, was that it made me re-read the sentences a few times to understand the sentence.

I liked the copy-and-delete method. It made me write things that interested me. After looking at what I wrote, I felt like I did a good job in accomplishing writing down notes. I find that this method is better than reading out loud. I feel like when I read at my own pace, I can understand the story better. However, it takes some time because I have to delete paragraphs as I go. The biggest advantage would be that I would have notes prepared without me needing to read it again.

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In the use a timer method, I finished in about four minutes. I read Beauty and the Car. During the remaining time, I re-read the story. Then, I looked at the structure and the dates that the author included. The biggest disadvantage would be the time. I could use the remaining time to construct a comment.

I would rank the methods as copy-and-delete, reading out loud, and use a timer. I have heard of reading out loud before, but the other methods were new to me. Another technique I have heard about is somewhat like the copy-and-delete method. It is where readers would write a one sentence summary of what happened for each paragraph.

I already use the reading out loud method when I feel like I can’t focus on reading. I may use the timer method in the future, because it will require me to go back and perhaps read something that I did not catch when I read the first time.

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