Monday, September 26, 2016

Reading Notes: Folklore of Laos, Reading A

Notes. In the stories about the Folklore of Laos, there were several stories that interested me. A few were interesting, while there were a few that I would be interested in writing for my story this week. I liked the Man in the Moon and the Faithful Husband. In the Man in the Moon, I learned that people should be satisfied with who they are originally. They should not want to be other people because, in the end, they would have felt better being themselves. In the Faithful Husband, I liked the twists and different aspects of the story. It included an ape who died from sorrow, a helpful fly, and an enchanted, far away land.

Three stories that I would be interested to write about are A Child of the Woods, The Enchanted Mountain, and The Lover's Leap. The braveness of the child intrigued me. After being overcome with anger, she ran away unafraid of beasts and darkness. Additionally, a tiger and wild beasts did no harm to her. In my story, I would write that she ran into the forest because she was afraid to hurt humans. Then, as she slowly assimilated into the jungle world, she would slowly have features of a tiger. When she is close to the brink of fully becoming a tiger, she would wish to return being a human, but it would be too late. It would be unfortunate, but I want to write a story that does not have a good ending like the few stories I have written so far.

 (Mountain: Web Source)

I like to story about the Enchanted Mountain's lake. If I wrote this story, I would write it from a nymph's point-of-view. She would pity the tired hunter and show him to the lake. However, when he returns, he became greedy. He returned every week to find the lake, but never could. The nymph will fell pity for him once again, but would not appear in front of him or show him the lake again.

In the Lover's Leap, instead of leaving with him, she would have refused him because she had a fortune teller tell her about her unfortunate ending. She would tell him to prepare two horses for them to leave the next day. However, her father found both of them out, and the father killed her lover.

Bibliography. Folklore of Laos by by Katherine Neville Fleeson; link to reading online.

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