Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reading Notes: Indian Fairy Tales, Reading B

Notes. In the Pride Goeth Before a Fall, the cloth merchants were very clever in tricking the robbers right in front of them. I would love to have a code word in times of danger and distress. However, it seems so difficult to do in front of a bad guy. The only thing I currently can use is talking in another language.

Luckily, the robbers were dumb and distracted from the cloth merchants’ singing and dancing. There was something I questioned. It was their coordination. How did they know who to get? Either way, they successfully took care of the robbers.

In the Prince and Fakir, I wondered how the Fakir accumulated so many things. He may have done the same thing with others before. Additionally, does he have any powers? He was able to help the King have children by giving him the food for his two chosen wives. Additionally, if the Fakir came one year later, the child would be a one-year old child or younger. However, when I read, it seemed like the boy was much older. Even later, he married a princess of a kingdom.

In Why The Fish Laughed, the writing was very clever. All of it was very clever with the analogies and references. I like reading hidden meanings that I will later understand. I especially liked the part when the farmer’s daughter sent the vizier’s son food and a message. I was also glad that the vizier’s son and the farmer’s daughter got together. I had a feeling that they were meant to be together. The story went off tangent, but it came right back when the son found out about the fish’s laugh from the farmer’s daughter.

 (Man and Woman Holding Hands: Web Source)

I liked these stories, but I feel that I will write a story about the Charmed Ring from Part A. With the long story, I could expand and write more about it.

Bibliography.  Indian Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs; link to reading online.

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