Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Reading Notes: English Fairy Tales, Reading B

Notes. In Henny Penny, I was sure that there would be bad news after the fox told them to go in the hole. I am glad the chicken was able to yell before dying. However, I am sad that Henny Penny ran off and didn’t do anything to revenge their deaths.

In Mr. Fox, no one knew who he was. In the beginning, I had an idea of writing about him, but it seems like the rest of the story focused on him. I was very surprised to know about his background. It was very gruesome and evil.

(Sofa. Web source.)

In Mr. Miacca Tommy was clever yet naughty at the same time. I am glad that there is a figure like Mr. Miacca to scare kids. It will teach him and other kids to be afraid, but it is not too extreme. I was surprised when Tommy gave a leg to Mr. Miacca, it was a sofa leg instead of his own leg. I actually thought it was Tommy’s leg.

In Fairy Ointment I was shocked that the nurse got punched in the eye and became blind forever. I can write a story about what people thought of the nurse. The nurse would not tell anyone of how she got blind, so there were absurd rumors. The setting would be in a family’s home and after the nurse’s death but before her funeral. The children from that home would ask about the nurse. The parents would tell her who they were and then go on about the rumors of her blind eye. She probably got poisoned while doing a bad job. She probably got kicked in the eye by a horse. The nurse may have gotten cursed by witch because she helped someone the witch attacked. There are lots of possibilities.

I think that I will be writing about either the dog who stole the candles in the Rose Tree like I mentioned in the previous post or about the harp in Binnoire. Regarding the harp, it would be in a museum. A man couldn’t help but touch the harp and he went back in time. He knows about the story about the harp and tries to change it in order to help the main character. However, he can’t get back until the woman is dead. Therefore, he becomes her partner until she is dead and then he can return to present life.

Bibliography. English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs; link to reading online.

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