Monday, November 14, 2016

Reading Notes: Grimm (LibriVox) Unit, Reading A

Notes. In Rapunzel, I was surprised that the prince fell down and got blinded from the thorns. I thought that the Enchantress would have had a hand in it, but that did not seem to be the case. In this story, I could change the enchantress into a nice enchantress. She might be growing an abundance of plants in order to help people. She can be a traveling enchantress who goes around and helps people. However, since she is not home and looks mean, her neighbors think she is evil. In actuality, she can be a nice enchantress. And even, Rapunzel’s parents can return the favor by having Rapunzel learn techniques from the enchantress.

Another story I could write based off Rapunzel is her magical voice. The prince hears her beautiful song but doesn’t know it is her. He sees he enchantress call for Rapunzel to let her hair down so he tries it too. However, he doesn’t tie her being alone in the tower and the singing he heard together. He thinks they are different people until later on, when he catches Rapunzel singing and they live happily ever after.

Clever Elise was a bit different. It wasn’t much to my liking. I almost believed she was smart until I thought about it more. At the end, I figured that she was not actually smart, but smart in her own way.

In Briar Rose, I wonder why they couldn’t make another plate and invite all the fairies. They were rich and could definitely afford it. Even if it was scarce, others would have had some gold. They could have bought it or traded for it. Also, the plates did not have to be gold.

Reading the part where the prince found Briar Rose makes me wonder if the first person who found her wasn’t him. What if it was one of his knights? The knight was honest, yet he failed to become Briar Rose’s soulmate. Another twist could be that he kissed Briar Rose first, but she didn’t wake up yet. She woke up after he went to get the prince and returned.

Bibliography. Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm; link to reading online.

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