Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Reading Notes: Grimm (LibriVox) Unit, Reading B

Notes. In the Queen Bee, the dwarf brother stops them from eating, but how will they get their strength? The idea of the tablets are quite magical. It seemed that if they started reading it, they would have to do what it said even if they didn’t find anything yet. The story was quite intriguing because the lives the dwarf asked his brothers to spare helped him in the end. It would be interesting to write a story like this except I would write about three different components that helped the dwarf.

The Twelve Huntsmen has an interesting plot. Women disguise as men for the hope of love. I was surprised that the real bride did not do anything and that there were no consequences for the new king. This plot would be interesting to write about. I could write about a daughter who disguises herself in order to find her lover who she does not know the name of. Or she can even disguise herself to get revenge.

(Purple Star Lily. Web Source: Flickr.)

In Jorinda and Jorindel, the fairy was strange because she kept women as birds but banished men. I liked her shape-shifting powers. I also liked the idea of a safeguard item. I could add that item into another story or make up a story about that item. How about instead of the invisibility cloak in the Twelve Dancing Princesses, I could write about the flower. If not, I could write how the king would give the soldier a flower for his reward.

In the Twelve Dancing Princesses, I like the idea of an invisibility cloak. I never thought that the princesses gave the men wine to drink first. The idea of the men dying if they do not find the cause to the princesses dancing during nights is quite harsh. I have watched Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses before and it is interesting to read the Brother Grimm’s version. I could write a bit about how the eldest liked the soldier and more about their relationship.

Bibliography. Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm; link to reading online.

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