Monday, November 7, 2016

Reading Notes: Canterbury Tales, Reading A

(Knight by Sam Howzit. Web Source: Flickr.)

Notes. There are different type of characters like an apothecary, knights, princesses, summoners, and commoners. Since there is a theme to this, I will make sure that my characters are these different types of characters.

In the Promise of Dorigen, there are lots of parts I could base this week’s story on. There are songs that Aurelius sang about Dorigen. I could write a few stanzas of the song and write about their first meeting. I was surprised the guy, Aurelius, let her, Dorigen, go back to her husband, Arviragus. And then, the magician didn’t charge Aurelius for his service. They all were so nice that it was too much like a fairytale.

Aside from this, I could write how Dorigen and Arviragus got together. Perhaps, I could write how they met from his point-of-view. Then, I could write about a fortune teller coming in to ruin his future with her because she wanted him to be his daughter’s husband. However, at the end, he would marry his Dorigen regardless. I could write about the magic part as well. I could write more about the magician and his point-of-view.

In the Revelers, I was thinking that the place the old man referred them to would make them fall off and die. For example, when they go there, they would stand at the tree together and their weight would make the land crumble. However, they lived much longer than that. I was very surprised that the old man even told them of the place. It held money. Although he may guess that they would kill each other, it was not a sure thing that they would do so. Perhaps I can write a story that changed the ending. I would write a bit about their background. Since there were three men, I could have one be a rouge knight, another a lazy husband, and the last will be sleazy merchant. Also, I would write about the bad things they did.

Bibliography. Canterbury Tales by Eva March Tappan; link to reading online.

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