Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Reading Notes: Canterbury Tales, Reading B

Notes. In Little Hugh, I felt so sad for him! I cannot believe that such an innocent little boy was killed. Writing a better story for Hugh would make me feel much better. He sincerely deserves it. If I chose this story, I will write about his pure heart and the evil plot against him. I will write about his near death but the seed in his mouth will surely revive him. As a result, he will be taken care of after death and while he is alive. He will be considered he blessed man. I can even add a part of the song at the beginning of the story as well to add more of an impact. Additionally, I could add information about how the Jew who killed him felt shame at the end.

(Dreaming. Web Source.)

The part I liked in the Cock, the Hen, and the Fox was the dream that came true. It is quite interesting because this is very unlikely in real life. Anyway, it was weird for the friend who dreamed of his friends’ messages did what his friend told him to do. He actually found out his body. It was sad but I was glad that the innkeeper and the other person received their karma and justice. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Although it would be interesting to blend this in while writing about Hugh, it would take away the magical aspect of being chosen. Or perhaps Hugh can dream of seeing an angel or something. He might be warned about his death but he cannot avoid it.

In the Priest who learned to be a philosopher, I sympathized with the unknowing priest. He was too trustful and greedy to a degree. Also, I felt that the philosopher had no morals. He lied and tricked a priest!

I believe that I may write about Hugh or about Arviragus’ love life and the fortune teller’s obstruction. Those two are the stories that I feel I would be interested in writing.

Bibliography. Canterbury Tales by Eva March Tappan; link to reading online.

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