Monday, October 31, 2016

Reading Notes: English Fairy Tales, Reading A

Notes. Going off the story of Tom Tit Tot, I could write about what she did while the skeins were being made. It says that the girl thought of names all day. I will include that, her feelings, and things that distracted her. Or I could write about the perspective of Tom Tit Tot. I could write how he heard her crying. However, instead of actually wanting her, he just used the three names per night as an excuse to do a good deed. He didn’t really want her. He may even lament about how much he despises humans, and think of killing and eating her.

In the Rose Tree, the dog stole the candles three times. I can go in depth as to why he did that. He may have done that as orders from her stepmother or he may have done that because he needed the candles. I may create a situation where he needs the candles, and later on, he will meet the girl in dove form and apologize to her. Then, he will explain why he did it.

In the Old Woman and Her Pig, it was fun and musical. I can hear the woman talking in my ears. If I were to write a story about this, I would keep the same concept but write about different things that create a domino effect.

In Binnoire, I am very surprised that he made a harp out of the woman’s hair and bones. It is surreal. In my story, I could make her haunt her sister. Instead of breaking at the end, I will make her successful in her revenge and travel with the harpist forever.


In Cap O’ Rushes, I really liked the daughter who was kicked out. It was unfair that she was kicked out because the father did not understand what she meant about the salt. I was glad to read about the salt reoccurring in the story again.

Bibliography. English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs; link to reading online

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