Monday, October 17, 2016

Reading Notes: Native American Marriage Tales, Reading A


Notes. In the Piqued Buffalo-Wife, I wondered how the boy would know his father through just looking at him. Perhaps he had some special smelling power. I’m not sure. I could go into detail about this question through writing my own story. To go with the smelling power, I would say that the child has special powers from his father. In the original story, it was sad when the father was supposed to return the favor, he failed. He needed a sign and help from his son. So, in the new story, I could write that the father knew who the son was each time because of his powers. And then in the end, they would return home, mother, father, and son.

In Splinter-Foot-Girl (Part 2), it talks about moles and badgers who work in secret. If I were to not write about the Father and Son having special powers in story, I could write about moles and badgers helping them figure out who the son was. There are talking inanimate objects as well, such as a rock and tree. There are many possibilities from this story that I would be able to incorporate in the story about the father identifying the son and vice versa. Aside from this, the bull is able to smell. Perhaps this can be a part of why the son was able to figure out who his father was. It seemed like he was able to transform from bull to human. If so, his buffalo/bull senses could work as a human as well.

The Eagle and Whale Husbands were interesting because they took humans as wives. It was unfortunate that they were killed later, but it was surprising that they wanted them as wives, but not their own kind. It was strange because they wanted to go home even though they said that they wanted an eagle for a husband and a whale for a husband.

In the Bear-Woman, I was astonished when the sister became and real bear and returned to being a person. It would be a nice idea for my story about the father and son. The mother could be like the bear woman.

Bibliography. Native American Marriage Tales by Stith Thompson; link to reading online.

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