Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Reading Notes: Native American Marriage Tales, Reading B

Notes. Girl and the turkeys sounded a lot like Cinderella (which is clarified in the notes on the second part). She has worn out clothes, but she is beautiful. There is a dance as well. It all sounds very magical and like a fairy tale. The turkeys are helping her. It is different from Cinderella because I can totally see how the girl can forget the turkeys. I dread the misfortune that may fall on her, which in the end, did occur.

It was interesting how the turkey made a beautiful outfit from picking at and stepping on the girl’s clothes. I can make a story where an ugly rich person becomes beautiful after being stepped on by these turkeys. I’ll say that the turkeys are old and ancient with magical powers. Not all turkeys can do this, so people spread the information about the special turkeys like rumors. An ugly man who wishes to go to a dance and find his love searches for these turkeys who is taken care of by a beautiful woman who wears old clothes. So, in the end, the man and woman married each other, disregarding the dance altogether.

In contrast with the Girls and the Turkeys, the True Bride gives us a female character that is not a goody-goody. She knows that she has a bad stepmother. And, it’s interesting. She has character and she is not na├»ve. I love how the boys are very helpful and skilled. It was such a strange idea to have the girl spit gold. It is not really sanitary, but it was gold.

In the third part, they even helped the girl although they were not mentioned in the part where she got married. After reading how much the girl was helped, I am very glad that they were able to help her. I really liked the idea of the dog running and passing people who wanted him to ask the Sun questions. This can be a part of a story all by itself. I could write ideas about other animals or things the dog passed.

Bibliography. Native American Marriage Tales by Stith Thompson; link to reading online.

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