Monday, October 24, 2016

Reading Notes: American Indian Fairy Tales, Reading A

Notes. In Shin-ge-bis Fools the North Wind, I liked how there was two highly different characters. There was the North Wind and South Wind. I really liked the South Wind character who brought spring with his presence. The North Wind’s overall appearance and description was suitable. While reading, I was predicted that his anger would melt off the icicles on him, but that did not happen. Shin-ge-bis was very clever in his plan to weaken the North Wind. I was very surprised that he was able to beat the North Wind.

In the Little Boy and Girl in the Clouds, animals interacted with people long in the past. I liked reading how the detailed description of the variety of animals. I have thoughts of writing a story where people go in the past. The first part of this story could be a good foundation to this storytelling style. Nowadays, animals are mostly scared of people already. A character will go back in the past and see how differently animals behaved. Therefore, it will make the child cherish all animals and try to make a connection with them in the future.

In the second part of the Little Boy and Girl in the Clouds, I was very surprised that an insignificant worm was the savior of the kids. It clearly sent a message to me and most likely future readers.

In the Child of the Evening Star, I never expected the ugly man, Osseo to be the child. He was sent down because of a curse. This definitely reminded me of Beauty and the Beast in a way even though it was not exactly the same. It was sad and tragic that as he became young, his wife, Oweenee became old. This part, I can expand Osseo’s thought process before he became young again. As he saw the tree, he could have a flash of the future. However, he did not see too far in the future, which led him to jump in the hollow tree without thinking of what would happen next.

(Descending to Earth. Web Source: Flickr

In the last part, Osseo and Oweenee’s son made the evening start descend back to Earth. It makes me wonder what happened next. Was the son punished? What happened to the King of the Evening Star? Who was all affected? There were several questions I had. 

American Indian Fairy Tales by W.T. Larned; link to reading online.

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